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for Galactic-Integration and NEW CIVILIZATION

The recordings are was produced very much long ago (in the beginning of 80th years of 20th century),
when technology was bad and when I was beginner. But I belief that you will catch the
Spirit of the performances...

My BEST Guitar Performance
(because was in studio with with professional palisander guitar):
A Good Spanish Guitar



   Coming soon uploading and other records in this way

Under-moscow's evenings - my arrangement

Dead leafs

The Enamoured (Duk)

Everybody Lave Somebody - my arrangement

Felix Mendelson Bartoldi

Ballade from Gommec


Yohan Sebastian Bah - Boure

Yohan Sebastian Bah - Prelude

Yohan Sebastian Bah - Fugue

Karkassi -  Etude

Etude - my composition

The performances are provoked, INSPIRED, DEDICATED to V. !!!