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Daily newspaper "Duma", 19 July 1993, Leonora Lecova
Bulgarian Discoveries can help Mankind survive

   Bulgarian Discoveries will be help the Mankind to escape the cataclysmes, which are caused from the serial crisis of the world economy. It statement have received publicity during the finished in Karlovo scientific-applied conference, is organized from society "Knowledge" - Karlovo and Sustainable Development Institute - Sofia.
   In the participants opinion
the Mankind go out of own childhood. We enter upon Epoch of Cosmic Man. But exactly in this period great social cataclysmes stalks us, are caused from uncontrolled "development" of economy. Scientific-technical progress becomes threat... Therefore the World Economy is not in conformity with the natural laws, what is more, she is in overt war with them... The bulgarian discoveries however can avert this tragedy... fundamental natural law will ensure the Mankind technologically in the period 1981-2080, named "Beginning of New Civilization".





World HYPER INFLATION and cataclysmes which she causes >

1. Revolutionary War 1789 (France). 2. War of 1812 (Napoleon-Russia).
3. Revolutionary War (France).  4. Civil War (USA).  5. First World War.
6. Second World War. 7. Korean and Vietnam War.


History Of Inflation:

Diagram Of Samuelson (USA)

x = a/b  where x  - Value (Price), a - Working Time, b - Productive Force of the Labour (with a fair approach to accuracy). x must incline to ZERO, because b is enormous Productiveness of Labor of the all Mankind... but the prices in defiance of the natural and mathematical laws goes to HYPERINFLATION. Because the prices do not reflect the Labour:
The word "inflation" derives from Italian "inflacio" (swell, inflate, exaggerate). INFLATING of the DIFFERENCE between cost and price of the merchandises - the price exceeds the cost. I.e. the price conceal the truth for the cost - the swollen price lies. INFLATION = DECEIT, which the people exchanges between them. The INFLATION (DECEIT in economy) compel the people to suspicion, hatred, robbery, wars... The Government expect 10 % DECEIT (inflation) in economy, i.e. 10 % RUIN, which it expect! Without MEASUREMENT of LABOUR, which creates the cost, and definition of the prices as ratio between quantity of work and working time (cost), are enclosed in the merchandises; and without destruction of "Market economy" (ignorance in cost), the society will destroyed itself proportionally with inflation, which is product of capitalist formation of prices and salaries. She "destroys" and
Having in mind this elementary ratio between the value on one side and the working time and the productive forces on the other hand, in follows that having in mind the grand productive forces piled up by the mankind, the value of the commodities instead of decreasing increases (following the diagram). Therefore taking into accound the uncontrollable today economics the scientific-research progress becomes a tragedy for the Mankind.
    This diagram INFLATION is taken from the manual on "Economics" of the famous scientist-economist Sammuelson. (Inflation - 1770-1990). It  shows the change of the world price level from the end of the 19-th century up to nowadays. The maximums correspond to the biggest crisis, wars, destructions as results of the so-called "free market" and of its "valuables". When in 1970 dies out the golden dollar standard, it became obvious that the "free market" has yet nothing to do with the prices and namely this market leads to this terrible

Conversely, the world economics is in war with the laws of the Nature and the Man ...

     Namely this tragedy can be avoided by means of our inventions in different areas of the science and we offer them to the whole Mankind ! ! !
    The facts: 40 000 people die each day due to malnutrition, half of which children (12 million children die due to malnutrition each year); 1.4 billion people live in extreme misery and malnutrition; 30% unemployed (deprived of the vital human right – Development by Labour); dying Nature (every minute forest with the size of a football stadium is cut); global warming threatening to change the poles (FLOOD); more and more DISEASES, corruption; multi-millionaires (multi-squanderers) versus multi-misery; billion dollars used for arming instead of development; new migration of peoples (BLOOD TAX); from 3457 years of wars (only 227 peaceful years); more than 350 small-scale wars since the end of the Second World War (one a month); reports by UN commissions showing that the “reforms” in the former socialist bloc even in 1992 were wrongful and have no chance to succeed… All these FACTS do not disturb “the rulers” (here and elsewhere), who continue throwing up “grand thoughts and events” covered by a tremendous amount of desinformation… It is obvions why, is it not ?!…
    Those are the throes of creation of a New Civilizational Cycle, whose midwives will be our scientific discoveries, which will accomplish